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As you target your first half, you'll need to take your cross training and strength training to the next level, but more than anything else, you'll need a strategy for building endurance, safely.

Train Wisely

Push yourself, recover, push a little more

You need a realistic, appropriate plan, one that will provide enough endurance building but also adequate rest and recovery.

The First Half Marathon Schedules have you running just four days a week and just walking the other days. A 2-mile walk is all you need on your non-running days.

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    • Not "No Pain No Gain"

    • Warming Up

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    First Half Marathon

    • First Half Marathon Schedule

    • First Half Marathon Shedule pdf

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    Second Half Marathon Schedule

    • Second Half Marathon Schedule

    • Second Half Marathon Schedule

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    Intermediate Half Marathon Schedule

    • Intermediate Half Marathon Schedule

    • Intermediate Half Marathon Schedule

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    Knowledge Base

    • Running Form Video #1

    • Running Form Video #2

    • Cadence: Running With a Metronome

    • Running Form Video

    • Balance Board Video

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    Comprehensive Training: Drills, Stretching, Stength-building

    • Stretching and Warming Up

    • Strength-Training

    • Nutrition Myths

    • Nutrition

    • Running Form Video #1

    • Running Form Video #2

    • Copy of Copy of Cadence: Running With a Metronome

About Your Instructor


Debbie Voiles

By the time I became a certified coach, I had been running 30 years; yet, I was blown away by how much I learned and its immediate impact on my running. That’s when I set out to spread the word about the proven, most successful ways to train.You can have what I have. I’m 64. I don’t take any medications, my blood pressure is ideal, blood work is excellent, and knees are fine, even though I've been running 41 years.I'm happy to share what I've learned. Most critical for new runners is training at an appropriately low intensity and listening to their bodies.I give my clients permission to walk - a lot - for a while, to give their bodies time to adjust. I created a Facebook group for online coaching members to have a place to ask me questions and to interact with others in the this program, making the online experience a bit closer to that of my 'in person' coaching clients.


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  • Building Strength for Endurance

  • The Long Run

  • Training Principles

  • Running Form

  • Fartlek Training

  • Negative Split Training


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