Most people go about it the wrong way.

As a result, they don't enjoy it, they often get injured, and they often give up on their dream. They decide their body just isn't up to running. Sadly, they then feel worse than before they started. That should never happen.

Beginner runners often believe they should run until they can't run another step, stop and walk until they catch their breath, and repeat.

That means running until they reach maximum intensity before stopping to walk. They finish red in the face, sucking air and miserable. 

And if that's not bad enough, they do it again and again.

Experienced runners only run that hard at the very end of a race, and they're already very fit

This is the SECRET!

If you train at an appropriately low intensity, you will enjoy the experience, look forward to each workout, and avoid injury. 

Take a minute and let that sink in. 

If you enjoy your workouts and see gradual improvement in your health, you will never stop running.

You will be hooked.

That's what I want to see happen. That's aIways my goal. 

I want you to love running. I want you to be that person who can't even imagine a life without running.

Start at the Right Place for You

Your starting point should be determined by your current fitness, age, weight, and past experience.

The 25 year old of normal weight, who ran in college, is nothing like the 50 year old, who's 20 pounds overweight and has never run.

Those two should not start at the same intensity, nor should they progress at the same rate. 

The one size fits all, couch to 5k program, will be the downfall of at least one of them.

The Program

    1. Week 1: Conditioning for Running

    2. Week 2: Conditioning for Running

    3. Week 3: Conditioning for Running

    4. Week 4: Conditioning for Running

    5. Week 5: Conditioning for Running

    6. Week 6: Conditioning for Running

    7. Week 7: Conditioning for Running

    8. Week 8: Conditioning for Running

    9. Week 9: Conditioning for Running

    10. Week 10: Conditioning for Running

    1. How to Use the Schedules

    2. Week 1: Walk to Run a 5k

    3. Week 2: Walk to Run a 5k

    4. Week 3: Walk to Run a 5k

    5. Week 4: Walk to Run a 5k

    6. Week 5: Walk to Run a 5k

    7. Week 6: Walk to Run a 5k

    8. Week 7: Walk to Run a 5k

    9. Week 8: Walk to Run a 5k

    10. Week 9: Walk to Run a 5k

    11. Week 10: Walk to Run a 5k

    1. Week 1: 5k Runner

    2. Week 2: 5K Runner

    3. Week 3: 5k Runner

    4. Week 4: 5k Runner

    5. Week 5: 5k Runner

    6. Week 6: 5k Runner

    7. Week 7: 5k Runner

    8. Week 8: 5k Runner

    9. Week 9: 5k Runner

    10. Week 10: 5k Runner

    11. Week 11: 5k Runner

    12. Week 12: 5k Runner

    1. Dynamic Stretching Video

    2. Static Stretching Video

    3. Butt Clinchers & Heel-Toe Walking Video

    4. Clam Shell Video

    5. Hip Routine Video

    6. Planks and Bridges Video

    7. One-Leg Balance Exercise Video

    8. Running Form Video #1

    9. Running Form Video #2

    10. Side Leg Lifts Video

    11. Seated Rockers Video

    12. Cadence: Running With a Metronome

    13. Lateral Walking Video

    14. Balance Board Video

    15. Running Form Video

    16. Diagnostic Test

    17. Hip Hikes

    18. Cadence/Metronome Explained: Longer Explanation

    19. Running Form Checklist

About this course

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Your Coaches

Coach Debbie Voiles

By the time I became a certified coach, I had been running 30 years; yet, I was blown away by how much I learned and its immediate impact on my running. That’s when I set out to spread the word about the proven, most successful ways to train. You can have what I have. I don’t take any medications, my blood pressure is ideal, and knees are fine, even though I've been running 46 years. I'm happy to share what I've learned. Most critical for new runners is training at an appropriately low intensity and listening to their bodies.I give my clients permission to walk - a lot - for a while, to give their bodies time to adjust. I created a Facebook group for online coaching members to have a place to ask me questions and to interact with others in the this program, making the online experience a bit closer to that of my in-person coaching clients.

Coach Carrie Hackett

I am an RRCA certified run coach with 12 years of experience as a road and trail runner. I started coaching in 2020, specializing in training people who are brand new to running. My own running journey started in mid-life when I found myself overweight and unhappy. I wanted to take control of my physical and mental health, so I decided to try running. I understand what it feels like to be a beginner runner and to start as an absolute newbie in the sport. What I found in running is not only better fitness, but an incredible community of people devoted to living a healthy lifestyle and to having fun. I always say, “Running brought me to life,” and it can bring you to a new level of fitness and joy too! I can help you find your fit and fun.

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Who is the program for?

Beth Kauffman

Coach Deb offers a great program for anyone who wants to become a runner. No age is too old, no body shape is too large, no one is too out of shape.

Does it work?

Julie Wilson

Coach Deb, your podcasts and coaching instruction/tips helped make this possible: my first 5K race with all race goals met with success (I finished and "ran" entire 5k at a conversational pace).

Find your inspiration and your coach

Kristin Antona

In August I did my first 5k and Sunday I'll do my 2nd two days before my 70th birthday. Thank you Jean Paul Antona for inspiring me and Debbie Voiles for coaching me.

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